Simple Energy

Over current Protection,Under voltage Protection , over voltage Protection, temperature monitor, Supports CC-CV charging, including pre charge,charge inhibit, and charge suspend, efficient Cell Balancing , Accurate SOC, SOH estimation, communication with Main control unit for regular update.

Different Regenerative Braking conditions/methods for different riding conditions for balance between performance, Range and safety.

7" touch LCD Display,  GPS navigation,GSM connectivity, Real time vehicle diagnostics,OTA updates, Mobile App, Anti theft, Vehicle Tracking.

An aggressive electric scooter equipped with a 7 kW electric motor and crafted for Indian Road Conditions. 

provides a shorter braking distance with the greatest stability. Improved riding security through a streamlined deceleration.

Meet Our Team

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Suhas Rajkumar






Ocean Madhuraj


Amit Kanungo


Manthan Mhaske


Ocean Madhuraj


Amit Kanungo


Manthan Mhaske